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I hope you can all read english or at least the translation is working.

Me and a friend are playing over the years the edain mod and we switched to ennorath some time ago. I would highly recommend changing the mordor mechanism.


First I really like some of the changes. The way that Sauron spams and revives is done nicely. What I dont like and what could be a bug is that Sauron can call ALL reinforcements or additional armies when he reaches level 2. There is no point in focussing on Sauron if the only thing to do is level him to level 2. I really liked the system in Edain, where you can choose your first reinforcements with level 3, second with 6 and third and last with 9. Please change the Sauron ability to just choose one reinforcements every two or three levels. If you keep the mechanism that Sauron can lose Experience when he dies it will be a really interesting way of playing. The Mordor player tries to level Sauron to get more and more powerfull units and the other players try to prevent that by "killing" Sauron. If Mordor would be slightly stronger in the endgame after unlocking everything that would be fine and in line with the lord of the rings universe.

I hope you will comment or take my suggestion serious.




Hi. Im gonna try to explain to you why we changed edain system, but my english is not good, so i hope you will understand what um saying. =)

So the reason why we changed it is that we want Necromanser system be more flexible. In comparison in old system if you choose lets say minas morgul you will get all of morgul benefits, but in a new system you only get one unit, thats why the abbility to choose is on the 2 lvl of Necromanser. If you loose your barack you will loose morgul upgrade. What im trying to say that with old necromanser system was player was playing only why tactic that he choose on lvl 3 of necromanser but with a new system player can switch tactics whenever he wants.