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The game MUST make sense (Автор: ladyflores)

The game MUST make sense. As the title says, the mod needs to make sense which means that characters like Gandalf Saruman Radagast and The Blues must be powerful and not weak. After all they are Maiar, they are the most powerful beings stepping into middle earth with the exception of Sauron and this is evident, everyone who has read Tolkien’s books knows this. Based on this, the lightning sword power of Gandalf should hit more enemies, Wizard Blast too, since the Word Of Power power is very poorly done, the amount of light of that power is exaggerated, there is no need for so much light, the original power already is good. Another question is about the Wizarding King of Angmar, who should not have the same power as Gandalf “word of power”, that does NOT make sense. He is NOT a Maiar, he is NOT that powerful. He is the King of the Nazgul, he is powerful but he will NEVER, EVER compare himself to the Istari, that is evident (for those who read the books). I find it absurd to want to put two characters of extremely different powers in the story with the same power in the game. The game must make sense with the story so please remove this absurd power from the Wizarding King. Returning to Gandalf, he should also have fire powers like Gandalf The Gray Mainly given the amount of fire magic he does in the books and furthermore Gandalf in the dwarf faction uses fire powers, it would make more sense to have both in the same character with two “parts” of different abilities. Gandalf should also make a rain of lightning, it would also be very cool, since Istari’s light needs an upgrade, it is very weak, for sure more or less 5 enemies if well applied, the range and width should be greater, it should reach a battling at least (it would make more sense). About Saruman, I think the same thing about Wizard Blast, but the fireball is very weak in my view (I don’t mean damage), I could throw two fireballs or a fireball that explodes. In addition, all wizards should attack from a distance, it makes no sense to attack at close range. About Radagast, he should conjure trees as he is a magician with powers of nature and a Maiar (remember). It could be used with that “forest” in the elves’ “spellbook”, but that would cause damage and there would be more trees in a slightly smaller range. On Elrond and Galadriel, Elrond should have more wind powers and Galadriel should have water powers, there are really cool effects that can be used, for example in Edain Mod Galadriel using O One can conjure up a water source with a really cool effect, the difference is that she shouldn’t need the One for this, since her power is Elvish and she is the bearer of the White Ring of water. And she shouldn’t attack from a distance either, it doesn’t make much sense unless it was with magic, maybe water attacks. These are my analysis of these characters for now, with these changes the game would be much more fun and “immersive” with Tolkien’s mythology. Thanks

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